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February 6, 2016

Pasta Jay’s Fuel’s Broncos Wins in Colorado
by: Seth Walder

The Broncos may be missing the secret ingredient to winning Super Bowl 50. That would be some Italian fare from local Colorado joint Pasta Jay’s.

The restaurant often feeds the team two days before game days, with startling success.

The Broncos are 16-0 when eating Pasta Jay’s two days before a game in the five years since the restaurant began feeding them, according to the restaurant’s owner, Jay Elowsky.

The team confirmed the undefeated streak.

“When they use us, they win,” Elowsky said in a phone interview. “So we get to feed them like three or four times in a row.”

Unfortunately for the Broncos, there’s no Pasta Jay’s in San Francisco. So they must deal without their good-luck charm.

The Broncos don’t like to change things up when they go on a winning streak, Elowsky explained.

“They’re superstitious, not sure if it’s the staff or the coaches,” he said.

He added that team nutritionists like the players to indulge in complex carbohydrates two days before the game for an energy boost.

The team’s favorite dish shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

“Everybody loves the chicken parm,” Elowsky said, referring to the plate Peyton Manning gushes about in his Nationwide commericials.

Elowsky cited the tortellini alfredo, manicotti and spaghetti and meatballs as other popular menu items for the Broncos.

Pasta Jay’s brings the food from their restaurant in South Denver to the team’s facility in nearby Englewood.

Two years ago, the Broncos missed their pasta when they played in Super Bowl XLVIII and were blown out by the Seahawks.

That might be a bad omen but Elowsky isn’t worried.

Will they be able to overcome not having Pasta Jay’s before their next Super Bowl?

“Absolutely,” he said.

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