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Boulder,Jay's 50th Birthday

July 26, 2009

They say it’s your birthday! Happy birthday to you!

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Boulder,Jay's 50th Birthday

Hey Man! You’re a Rock Star!

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Jay entertains his friends with a few Grateful Dead tunes at his birthday party.

The fans went crazy, when Jay took the stage!

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Jay's 50th Birthday

Let the Good Times Roll! Friends Gather to Celebrate Jay’s 50th Birthday (7/14/09)

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Boulder,Jay's 50th Birthday

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Jay's 50th Birthday

July 20, 2009

Jay's 50th Birthday,Pictures

Jay Elowsky, this is your life. Happy Birthday!

Thanks so much to family and friends who contributed the photographs included in this birthday celebration slideshow. Thanks so much to Molly who solicited photos from everyone, and mucho mucho thanks again to Carmen and Tom for putting the slide show together, with music! and sharing it with all of us.

The slide show is in three parts, so enjoy!

Jay's 50th Birthday,you-tube

Happy 50th Birthday, Jay!

Jay Elowsky turned 50 years old last Tuesday, and friens and family celebrated at the restaurant that night. One of the surprises for Jay’s birthday was a video birthday card and slide show. Family members and friends got picture to Molly and Carmen, and Carmen and Tom worked very, very hard to get them prepared in time for Jay’s party last Tuesday, July 14, 2009. The original intent was to play them at the party, but there were so many people it was impossible to hear them at the party, although I got a kick out of watching them without sound.

And so we can all enjoy them, Carmen has uploaded the video she made to you-tube. It was so long, she broke it into three parts, for ease in viewing. Enjoy!

Jay's 50th Birthday,you-tube

Happy 50th Birthday, Jay (Part 2)

Jay's 50th Birthday,you-tube

Happy 50th Birthday, Jay! (Part 3)