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April 10, 2014

Pasta Jay’s gives Boulder something to wine about


Pasta Jay’s, Boulder’s most beloved Italian restaurant, is hosting a party April 10 to unveil an exciting new collection of higher-end, but highly affordable wines.

The new offerings, which range from Genesis Merlot, a rich and creamy blend of dark cherry, maple, cocoa, to Umberto Cesari Sangiovese Riserva, an Italian import that provides a bouquet of mountain flowers and fruitiness, are sure to enhance your dining experience.

The extensive list of 30-plus red and whites will be sold by the glass and bottle. These tantalizing new offerings were personally selected by Pasta Jay to blend with our zesty Italian cuisine.

“Everyone already loves our food,” Pasta Jay said. “It’s my hope that our Boulder friends will embrace the new concept and make Pasta Jay’s the place to truly savor the best and most affordable wines on the planet.”

Pasta Jay will update the wine list often. But everyone can enjoy the first taste of our upscaleĀ  wine list starting April 10 from 5 to 5 pm.

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