Friends of Pasta Jay -

Lone Tree

March 9, 2009

Getting there was half the fun


When a limo just won’t do…..

Last Friday, Jay Elowsky and Pasta Jay’s invited friends and family to the grand opening of their newest restaurant, in Lone Tree, Colorado. Too many friends for a Limo, Jay arranged for two buses to pick up his guests at Pasta’ Jay’s in Boulder, and drive us to Denver to celebrate the restaurant’s grand opening.  Jay had arranged for waitresses on the bus to take good care of us, with pizzas and liquor.   Michael Collucci acted as concierge/camp counselor, and led us in singing.  Another party goer entertained the crowd with his Neil Diamond imitation.  There was an in-flight (ride) movie on the way out, and coming back we danced in the aisles to the radio.   And the driver was great.


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